Aim & Scope

Aim and Scope

Journal of Journalism, Media Science & Creative Arts is Bi-annual, peer-reviewed publication published by Contemporary Science Research Publisher It aims to promote original research in communication studies, media studies, and related fields Scholars are invited to submit manuscripts addressing any area of communication and media studies, including, but not limited to mass communication, international communication, educational technology, rhetorical approaches to media, critical cultural studies, computer-mediated communication, political media, health communication, and organizational/corporate communication.

The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for researchers and practitioners all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in all areas of Journalism, Media Science and Creative Art and Design.

The subject areas include, but are not limited to the following fields:

Journalism Media Science Creative Arts
1.Theories and conceptual frameworks of journalism 1.Advertising and Marketing 1.Theories on Design Creativity and Innovation
2.Epistemological concerns in journalism studies 2.Broadcasting 2. Cognition of Design Creativity
3.Methodological best practices in journalism studies 3.Business Promotions in Media 3.Innovative Process
4.Political dimensions of journalism 4.Cinema and Documentary 4.Inventive Process
5.Ethical and legal concerns and practices in journalism 5.Communication Theory 5.Analogical Reasoning for Design Creativity and Innovation
6.Social and cultural dimensions of journalism 6.Crisis Communication 6.Design Synthesis
7.Technology and journalism 7.Educational Multimedia and E-Learning 7.Method and Tools for Design Creativity and Innovation
8.Economic aspects of journalism 8.Hypermedia and Multimedia 8.Representation of Design Creativity and Innovation
9.Journalism and its audiences 9.Digital Media 9.Education for Design Creativity and Innovation
10.Historical inquiries into journalism 10.Intercultural Communication 10.Concept Generation and Inspiration
11.Issues of diversity in journalism 11.Media Training and Workforce Development 11.Illustration
12.History of Journalism 12.Organizations and Social Media 12.Illustration design
13.Media Laws 13.Photography from Film to Digital 13.Architectural history
14.Investigative Journalism 14.Postmodern Culture 14.Architectural history
15.Citizen Journalism 15.Privacy in Social Networking 15.Motion media design
16.Sports Journalism 16.Psychology of Media and Communications 16.Graphic design
17.Trade journalism 17.Reputational Economies 17.Historic preservation
18. Entertainment journalism. 18.Security and Intellectual Property Management 18.Architecture
19. Peace Journalism 19.Telepresence and Time-Space Compressions 19.Animation
20.Opinion journalism. 20.Visual Culture and Youth Culture 20.Design management
21.Watchdog journalism. 21.Web Design 21.Painting
22. Tabloid Journalism 22.Music Studies 22.Performing arts
23.Yellow Journalism 23.Broadcast Journalism 23.Photography
24. Tabloid Journalism 24.Theater 24.Printmaking
25. Advocacy Journalism 25.Science journalism 25.Motion media design