Exploring The Influence of Youtube Kids App on Children's Cognitive Skills


  • Muhammad Azeem Sarwar The University of Faisalabad,
  • Dr. Dawood Ahmad The University of Faisalabad
  • Shahzad Ahmad The University of Faisalabad,


YouTube Kids app, Cognitive Skills, Language Development


As the use of digital media continues to rise, the YouTube Kids app has become increasingly popular as a means of entertainment and instruction for kids. However, other people are worried about how this trend can affect kids' brains. The purpose of this research is to investigate how using the YouTube Kids app affects children's brain function, specifically their ability to pay attention, absorb information, remember it, communicate effectively, solve problems, and think critically. This investigation makes use of a mix of cognitive tests and in-depth interviews with the children's parents as part of its qualitative research technique. The results of the study provide important advances to our knowledge of how the app affects kids' brain growth. In addition, these results have substantial policy, educational, and parental consequences. The study also recommends that proper check and balance should be from parents is a must to get maximum benefit from digital gadgets and social media usage by the children. This study also explored the impact of the YouTube Kids application on the cognitive development of children, taking into account demographic factors such as age and the type of content consumed. The study also revealed the prevalence of captivating content available on YouTube Kids may lead children to prioritize this platform over conventional learning methods, such as reading books or participating in structured educational activities, resulting in a diminished emphasis on traditional learning.




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