Role of Electronic Media in The Globalization Of Culture


  • Dr. Salma Naz Minhaj University, Lahore
  • Dr. Aemen Khalid University of Management and Technology, Lahore
  • Dr. Robina Saeed Minhaj University, Lahore


Globalization, Media, Global Culture, Means of Communication


Human history depicts that man always endeavored to build relations with other human beings as well as societies. Because of technological advancement and improvements in means of communication, the speed to build relationships with other nations or people has been increased which gives birth to globalization. Advanced technologies of means of communication for example internet and satellite television have joined the people globally. Media is playing a role in the emergence of global culture and urban regions of the world have a resemblance and cosmopolitan culture is emerging. The whole world has been transformed into a global village. The media process of homogenizing the World Cultures is continuing. This study revolves around the media as an agent of globalization of culture. This research explores how media has played a role in the transformation of world cultures into global cultures. The study is qualitative in nature so, qualitative methods are used for data collection. It is analytical and descriptive in nature. For the analysis of data, analytical model is used. Secondary data is used for research. A different point of view is taken from previous studies. This technique is supported to construct an objective approach to the problem and to derive a conclusion to give recommendations.




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