Popularity Of YouTube Podcasters Among Social Media Users


  • Dr. Majid Ul Ghafar, Hazara University, Mansehra.
  • Muhammad Ishaq, The Islamia University, Bahawalpur
  • Afifa Anees Hazara University, Mansehra,


YouTube, Effects, Podcast, Information, Education, Facts


At present social media and social media applications are very popular among people around world. People use different applications for the purpose of sharing ideas, thoughts with one another or disseminating information which they think is important to share. Among other applications YouTube podcast is one of the latest used techniques of sharing information on the issues of public interest. Most journalists and educated people use this technique to highlight the issues and share thoughts. The present research study is based on survey research techniques and methods to cover and investigate the effects of podcasters on youth. The data was collected from the 200 respondents by using the Likert scale as a tool. Cultivation theory of media is very much relevant to this study. Therefore, the researcher’s theoretical framework is based on this theory. The exclusive analysis of the data reveals that overall, most of the youth agree YouTube podcasters provide fact-based information. The empirical analysis of the data also reveals that youth follow YouTube podcasters for educational purposes. The analysis of the study also reveals that youth has the opinion that the journalists of mainstream media must start their podcast channels which enhance the credibility of the podcast because there are very few senior journalists who are using podcast on YouTube.




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